The Dancing School is recognized as a leading performing arts organization in the central San Joaquin Valley.

Founded in Selma, CA in 1971, The Dancing School has provided quality performing arts instruction to four generations of central valley families.

It has developed a distinctive repertoire and performance quality that is admired by it's peers in the dance industry.

It's dancers have earned a reputation for their exceptional versatility, technical completeness. and professionalism.

The Dancing School stresses the basic dependence of all dance forms on classical ballet. It is highly recommended that all serious students dance enroll in ballet classes.
The Dancing School emphasizes proper alignment and correct and healthy use of the feet. Jazz is taught here with serious emphasis on body conditioning, physical control, energy and enjoyment.

The Dancing School's staff prides itself on its work with young childern, using techniques that develop strength, performing ability, mental discipline, and confidence that extend to other areas of the student's lives. Our young students have fun while they learn to maximize their potential

Most importantly, The Dancing School has helped it's students develop into outstanding men and women, through the discipline and responsibilty inherent in the pursuit of dance excellence.

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